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HVAC, Plumbing and Construction in Pittsboro, NC

It takes more than four walls and a roof to make a building comfortable. If you want your home to remain comfortable all year round, you’re going to need to rely on a number of different systems. Your heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and indoor air quality systems all work hard to provide you with the level of luxury you’re used to. Those systems all require professional services in order to keep operating properly. That’s why we offer a full range of installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services for those systems. If you need HVAC, plumbing, or indoor air quality system services of any kind, we can help you.

Depend on us to handle all your heating, air conditioning and plumbing needs in Pittsboro, NC! Call our team today to schedule HVAC and plumbing services in Pittsboro, NC and the surrounding area.

We Offer Complete Plumbing Services in Pittsboro, NC

Your plumbing system conducts some of the most vital operations in your entire home. If you want to continue receiving fresh water on demand, or retain the ability to dispose of waste in a convenient and sanitary way, your plumbing system needs to be kept in good condition. That’s why Bud Matthews Services offers a full range of plumbing services throughout Pittsboro, NC. If you need a plumbing system installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, give us a call. Our expert Pittsboro plumbers will make sure that all your plumbing needs are met.

Ask About Our Comprehensive Air Conditioning Services

An air conditioner is worth its weight in gold when summer rolls around. You’re going to want to make sure that your home is properly outfitted with an air conditioning system before the hottest months of the year arrive. If you don’t already have a reliable air conditioner in place, give us a call. We offer a full range of air conditioning services throughout Pittsboro, NC.

We Install and Service Zone Control Systems

A zone control system solves one of the biggest drawbacks of using a central forced air system: energy efficiency. It does this by splitting the home’s ducts into different zones, each of which can be heated or cooled separately from the rest of the house. With zone control, your home can become both more comfortable and more energy efficient.

Do You Need Heating System Services?

You don’t want to have to bundle up just to be comfortable in your own home, do you? If not, you need to have a good home heating system installed in your home. Why not take advantage of our home heating services? We install, repair, maintain, and replace a wide variety of home heating systems throughout Pittsboro, NC. If you need a way to keep your home warm this winter, we can help. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

We Provide Complete Gas or Electric Furnace Services

Furnaces are affordable, reliable, and versatile, which is why they have been the most popular home heating system type in the country for many years. No matter what your home heating needs are, there’s a good chance that we can find a furnace that fulfills them. Whether gas or electric, we have all the furnace options you’ll ever need.

We Install and Service Heat Pumps

A heat pump does not burn fuel to create heat. Instead, it evaporates refrigerant to move heat from one place to another. This makes it far more efficient than more traditional, combustion based heating systems. Heat pumps are also able to act as air conditioning systems, making all the more valuable. Contact us for more information about our heat pump services.

We Install and Service Indoor Air Quality Systems

There are millions upon millions of microscopic airborne contaminants floating around in the average home’s air. Some of these contaminants, like dust, pollen, germs, mold spores, and dander can have substantial negative effects on the health of those in the home. From allergy attacks to illness, prolonged exposure to airborne contaminants is an issue that needs to be addressed. Humidity issues are also a problem. If your indoor air quality is poor, call Bud Matthews Services. We offer a full range of indoor air quality services throughout Pittsboro, NC.

Ask About Our Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are designed to remove all kinds of airborne contaminants from your air, improving your indoor air quality in the process. There are many different kinds of air purifiers, each suited to a slightly different situation. Our indoor air quality experts can evaluate your home to determine the best air purifier for your needs. Let us help improve your indoor air quality.

We Offer Comprehensive Duct Sealing Services

Sealing your ducts accomplishes two things. First, it improves your climate control efficiency. Duct leaks can cause output losses of up to 30%, which is a massive waste of money. Duct sealing puts that money back in your pocket. Second, by restoring that output it makes your home a great deal more comfortable. We offer a full range of duct sealing services.

Do You Need a Humidifier?

Air that is too dry can have a number of negative effects on your health. Mainly, it dries out your skin and the membranes in your nose. This causes them to crack, which makes it easier for germs to infect you. In order to solve this problem, you need to install a whole house humidifier. We install and service a wide range of humidifiers.

We Provide Comprehensive Bathroom Plumbing Services

Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is the one with the most plumbing devices. No matter what your bathroom plumbing needs are, we can take care of them for you. Whether you need help with your sink, toilet, faucet, shower, or bath, our plumbers can help. Call today to schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure that your bathroom plumbing systems are all in order.

Do You Need Commercial Air Conditioning Services?

Commercial properties need air conditioning services just as much as residential properties do. If your commercial building is in dire need of a commercial air conditioning system, don’t continue to suffer without it! Bud Matthews Services provides a full range of commercial air conditioning services throughout Pittsboro, NC. Let us help keep your place of work cool all summer long.