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Water Purification Systems in Durham, NC by Bud Matthews Services

Bud Matthews Services - Water Purification

When you run a bath, does the water in the tub have a strange or unpleasant odor to it? Does your drinking water taste foul? Have you actually gotten physically ill after consuming water directly from your tap? There are a lot of warning signs that may indicate that you have a problem with your water quality. Fortunately for you, our professional plumbers are always here to help.

If you have any concerns about the quality of the water servicing your home, then contact a member of our team to discuss available water purification systems in the Durham, NC area. Bud Matthews Services is more than happy to help you in choosing the right system(s) for your needs. No matter what challenges you may face in terms of water purity, we are here to find the solutions that you need.

Bud Matthews Services provides water purification system services near Durham, NC and the surrounding areas.

Why You May Need a Water Purification System

We’ve already provided you with some examples of the types of warning signs that you may encounter which can suggest the need for a water purification system. What you may now find yourself wondering, though, is how it is that your water encountered such issues to begin with. There are a lot of different factors which may influence the quality of the water that comes into your home.

A common misconception amongst homeowners is that, if their water comes from a municipal supply, then it is already of a high quality. This may be true of the water leaving the source, but there is no guarantee that this water will remain of a high quality throughout its travels to your plumbing fixtures. It may pick up pollutants along the way, possibly within your own water line. Another reason that water purification may be needed is if you get your water from a private well. If so, there could be microorganisms in that water which may put your health at risk. Having your water tested regularly, and using any necessary water purification systems, can help to protect you from illness.

Choosing Your Water Purification System

Our technicians are adept in the installation and servicing of many different water purification systems. Indeed, the only way in which you can hope for any such system to function properly is to schedule its installation, as well as any necessary repairs or maintenance, with a trained professional. That being said, great service quality is of little help if you do not have the right system in place to begin with.

If you are dealing with sediment issues in your water, a water filtration system may suffice. Reverse osmosis systems are also available. While rather expensive, such systems are also incredibly efficient in their removal of pollutants from the water within your home. Should you have concerns about biological pollutants, though, especially if you use well water in your house, you may want to consider the use of a UV water purification system. UV radiation is applied to the water, typically upon entering the home. These UV rays are able to destroy biological pollutants, so that you can drink pure water in your home without the risk of illness due to such biological threats. Contact us to learn more.