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Water Treatment Systems in Durham, NC by Bud Matthews Services

Bud Matthews Services - Water Treatment Systems

There is no denying just how beneficial it is to have a plumbing system capable of distributing potable water throughout one’s house. The idea of drawing water up from a well with a pail is one long since outdated by the advent of modern plumbing. With that in mind, though, you must remember that there is no guarantee as to the quality of the water that comes into your home.

There are actually a number of problems that you may encounter with your water supply. Fortunately for you, the water treatment specialists here at Bud Matthews Services are never more than a phone call away. We can figure out precisely what is wrong with your water, and we can recommend to you any necessary water treatment systems in Durham, NC. Contact us today, and start enjoying water of a higher quality in your home.

Bud Matthews Services provides water treatment system services near Durham, NC and the surrounding areas.

When to Consider a Water Treatment System

Many homeowners will begin to consider the use of a water treatment system only if there is a very obvious issue. If your water tastes bad, for instance, or has a foul odor, it’s not exactly something that you can ignore. The same is true if your water actually makes you sick, though this would really be more likely in the event that a private water supply is used. You should remember, though, that even issues like water leaving stains on fixtures or laundry may be cause for the use of an applicable water treatment system. Whatever concerns you may have, you can count on us to find the solutions that you need to enjoy better water in your home.

We Install and Service Water Treatment Systems

Once you’ve decided that, for whatever reason, your water is not of the high quality that you demand, the next step is to dial our number. We will figure out precisely what is wrong with your water, and only then will we go about evaluating your options. There is no point in investing in a water softener, after all, if you actually need a water purification system. Once we’ve determined just what type of system it is that you need, we will complete your water treatment system installation with the greatest of care. We also offer routine maintenance to keep your system(s) functioning properly, and can handle any water treatment system repairs that you may need as well.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

The reverse osmosis system is one of the simplest methods of cleansing the water in one’s home, and also one of the most effective. These systems are rather pricy, but can be hugely beneficial in the quest for improved water quality throughout the whole house. Call to learn more.

Water Filtration Systems

Basic water filtration is often enough for the average homeowner to boost their water quality with. You may have used a water filtration jug at some point, or attached a point of use filter to a faucet. However, a whole–house water filtration system is far more convenient and effective. Such systems do require professional services, though.

Water Purification

If you have certain types of contaminants in your water, then you may require a water purification system. Such systems, including ultraviolet water purifications systems, can cleanse the water of harmful pollutants which could put your health at risk. We will figure out what you need in your home.

Water Softener

Hard water is a common issue in many homes, but don’t let this commonness fool you: serious issues can result. The good news is that water softeners are available for installation in your home. Using a water softener can help you to avoid many issues caused by hard water.

Water Testing

If you really want to be certain of what types of issues you have with the water in your home, then schedule professional water testing service with us. We will determine exactly what is wrong with your water, so that the problem can be resolved successfully. Give us a call today to get started.

Well Pumps

There is nothing wrong with using a well in this day and age. In fact, many homeowners still choose to do so, while others don’t have an alternate option. Whatever the case in your home, you are going to need a professionally installed and serviced well pump in order to keep the water flowing throughout your home.