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Automatic Shutoff Valve Services in Durham, NC

Bud Matthews Services - Automatic Shut Off Valve

Do you know where the shutoff valve for your water is? If not, you should. The shutoff valve controls the flow of water to your home. It is used to turn off the water during installations, repairs and, perhaps most importantly, during emergencies. Any time you have a large leak, burst pipe, overflowing toilet, or any other kind of emergency, that valve needs to be used to shut off the water and limit the damage. There are a couple of problems with using the standard water shutoff valve, though. If you want to install an automatic shutoff valve in your home, call Bud Matthews Services. We provide comprehensive automatic shutoff valve services throughout Durham, NC.

Bud Matthews Services provides automatic shutoff valve services near Durham, NC and the surrounding areas.

Why You Need an Automatic Shutoff Valve

There are two very big problems with standard manual shutoff valves. First, most homeowners don’t even know where their shutoff valves area. This is more than a little problematic when they can’t shut off their water during an emergency. Thousands of dollars–worth of water damage could be done to your home while you’re scrambling to find the shutoff valve.

Second, there is a not–insignificant chance that you won’t be home when a plumbing emergency occurs. Even if you know exactly where your water shutoff valve is, that won’t be much use if your home floods while you’re away. This is why it’s so important to have an automatic shutoff valve installed in your home.

How an Automatic Shutoff Valve Works

An automatic shutoff valve monitors the pressure of the water in your plumbing system at all times. If that pressure drops in a way that indicates a serious issue, like a leak or rupture, the valve will automatically cut off all water flowing into the home. You don’t have to do anything to address the issue, the valve will take care of it for you.

This eliminates the two biggest threats to your home in terms of water valve issues. With an automatic shutoff valve, you don’t have to worry about finding and shutting the valve yourself. You can also have peace of mind when you’re out and about. Even if a plumbing emergency occurs while you’re not home, the valve will prevent any serious damage from occurring. You just need to get the problem repaired, and the valve reset.

We Install and Service Automatic Shutoff Valves

Installing an automatic shutoff valve is a great way to protect your home from plumbing emergencies. They won’t fix the whole issue for you, but they can definitely keep bad situations from getting quite a bit worse. If you want to prevent your home from incurring a great deal of water damage, let us install an automatic shutoff valve in your home. No matter what plumbing emergency occurs in your home, the automatic shutoff valve will keep you covered. We also offer a full range of automatic shutoff valve repair and maintenance services. Call us today to schedule an appointment.