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Zone Control System Services in Durham, NC by Bud Matthews Services

Bud Matthews Services - Zone Control System

One of the major faults of the standard central HVAC system is that it is an all-or-nothing proposition. When the air conditioner or heater comes on, the blower fans sends the conditioned air through the ductwork to every vent in the home, even to empty rooms that don’t need temperature adjustment. Closing off registers in these rooms doesn’t help much, and the AC and heater will end up expending the same amount of energy.

But you don’t need to simply accept this situation. You have the option for the installation of a zone control system. HVAC professionals can include zone control as part of a new installation, or they can retrofit a current ventilation system for zoning. To find out more about the possibilities for a zone control system for your home, call Bud Matthews Services. We offer service for zone control through the Durham, NC area.

If you are interested in a zone control system, or you need service for one, call on the technicians at Bud Matthews Services. We are available in Durham, NC and the surrounding areas.

How Zone Air Conditioning and Zone Heating Work

How does a zone control system operate? The basics involve a series of dampers that are installed into the ductwork of the ventilation system. You’ll determine how many separate zones you want (you can opt for as few as two—one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs—to as many as there are rooms) and the technicians will open up the ducts and place the dampers inside them.

The dampers are each connected to a dedicated thermostat placed within its zone. The thermostat controls whether the damper is open or closed and if air is allowed to flow through to the zone. Each local thermostat networks to a central control panel so the homeowner can manipulate all of the different zones.

Ways Zone Heating and Cooling Are Beneficial

There are multiple advantages to having this amount of control over the distribution of heating cooling throughout your house. Here are a few:

  • Energy savings: This is the #1 reason that most people have zone control installed. It allows you to send conditioned air only to rooms that currently require it, saving money on your energy bills. This is especially helpful if you live in a large house or one that has a guest room that is often untenanted.
  • Personalized comfort: Are you tired of people in your household arguing over how to set the temperature? Zone control gives each person control over the temperature in their location through the local thermostats.
  • Comfort tailored to each room: There’s no reason that you have to apply the same temperature to each room in your house. Some rooms may need higher temperatures (an infant’s room) and some lower temperatures (the kitchen). Zone control allows you to adjust the temperature to fit a room’s purpose.

Contact Us for Zone Control Services

At Bud Matthews Services, we provide complete services for zone control systems, from new installation and retrofits to repairs. Call us in Durham, NC today to learn more about zone control and how it can work for your home.