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Electric Furnace Services in Durham, NC by Bud Matthews Services

Bud Matthews Services - Electric Furnace

While gas furnaces may be a more popular option for heating installation nationwide, electric furnaces are a fantastic choice for whole-home heating systems in our area. Electric furnaces are commonly chosen in homes where there is no municipal natural gas line connection. But there are many other reasons to select an electric furnace, including safety, durability, and the efficiency of modern units. Need an electric furnace in Durham, NC? Looking for services for your existing unit? Bud Matthews Services has it covered.

Bud Matthews Services provides electric furnace services near Durham, NC and the surrounding areas.

The Benefits of Electric Furnaces in Durham, NC

Electric furnaces are an ideal fixture in homes where installing a gas furnace is not an option. Gas furnaces typically have a lower cost of operation due to the fact that natural gas does not cost much to use. But electric furnaces may be less costly initially. Additionally, they eliminate the safety concerns that often come with installing a gas furnace.

Besides, high efficiency electric furnaces are available that do not consume nearly as much energy as those built decades ago. And due to our relatively mild climate, we do not have to run our heaters so often, which means that the cost of operation may not be much of a concern. As long as you have a professional install it and maintain it, your electric furnace should last for well over a decade without many troubles.

When to Service an Electric Furnace

There are a few signs your system may give off if it is in need of electric furnace repair. All or part of the home may suddenly feel cooler than usual. You may notice smells from the vents, or there may be unusual noises coming from the system. In any case, you should call an expert for services right away. The temperatures in the home may still be bearable, but it’s not something you should put up with. Your furnace may suffer additional wear and tear from all the time spent running while damaged, and the repairs that result could be costly.

Additionally, you should call an expert for maintenance once a year. An electric furnace that has been installed correctly may be quite durable, but it can run into problems when you least expect them. An expert can make a visit to your home once a year to ensure the proper operation and continued efficiency of your system. They can also fine tune parts and clean off the blower components to help maintain the lifespan of the unit. Call us for more information about our electric furnace maintenance services.

Schedule Electric Furnace Services with Bud Matthews Services

When you need to schedule electric furnace services in Durham, NC, you can trust on the quality work of our skilled, trained experts. We show up on time with a friendly demeanor and the proper tools and equipment. We will be honest and upfront about the work that needs to be done, and we won’t try to sell you services you don’t really need. Just get in touch with Bud Matthews Services today to get electric furnace installation, replacement, maintenance, or repairs from people you can trust.