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Furnace Repair and Installation in Durham, NC

Bud Matthews Services - Furnaces

When you walk into a heated home, chances are high that the appliance responsible for keeping it warm is a furnace. Furnaces are the most common heaters in the U.S. for one important reason: they work! Furnaces are generally reliable and prompt, and the cost of installation tends to be lower than that of installing a similarly sized alternative whole-home heating system. But you will need professionals to install it or service it if you expect it to work correctly for a long time to come. Take care of your furnace by calling Bud Matthews Services for any repair, maintenance, installation, or replacement services you may need. We service both gas and electric models in Durham, NC.

Bud Matthews Services provides furnace services near Durham, NC and the surrounding areas.

Furnace Installation: Selecting and Sizing

Specialists know that furnace installation involves a lot of time and thought. You don’t want to simply look for the best deal without considering the brand of the system, the efficiency rating, or its size. Our professionals will take careful steps to determine the necessary size of your new heating system, because they know that one that is too large or too small can run into a lot of problems over time. After, our experts discuss with you your budgetary requirements so they can find you an efficient system that saves you money over time. Following installation, a professional will make sure that your furnace is functioning properly and safely.

Furnace Repair: How to Tell It’s Time

Look for the signs that your heating system is in trouble so that you can schedule services ASAP. A furnace in need of repair can eventually spiral into a breakdown. Your system will no longer be able to run properly due to a defective component, and the other parts may become worn out in an attempt to overcompensate. Call an expert if you notice high bills, excessive noise, low temperatures, or strange smells (and turn off the heater immediately). You may also find out that you need furnace repairs during one of our comprehensive maintenance services, which we recommend annually to all customers.

Furnace Services in Durham, NC 

When you need a furnace services in Durham, NC, Bud Matthews Services is the team to call. We also offer maintenance and repair services, and you don’t need to have installed your furnace with us to receive our services. Our technicians are friendly and respectful, and we feel confident that you will want to return to us for future services once you work with our professional team.

Electric Furnace

An electric furnace is an excellent option for people without access to a natural gas line. They are cost–effective and low maintenance, and in our area, they are not very expensive to run, especially if you purchase a system with a higher efficiency rating.

Gas Furnace

The power, efficiency, and convenience of gas furnaces make them the most popular systems around. Chances are high that you have one in your home, so when your system needs repairs or maintenance, trust our experienced staff to do the job. If you need a new heating system, call us to find the gas furnace installation or replacement that’s right for your home.