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Fireplace Restoration Services in Durham, NC by Bud Matthews Services

Bud Matthews Services - Fireplace Restoration

Residential fireplaces are built to endure for decades. But this sturdy construction also makes fireplaces difficult to repair when they do sustain damage—unless you are a trained fireplace technician with access to the best tools for resurfacing and masonry repairs.

If you have recently discovered cracking and other signs of damage to your fireplace, or if a chimney fire has recently affected it, you must make a call to an experienced fireplace technician to repair it so that it remains safe to use. The team at Bud Matthews Services is here to assist you with this. We provide work on fireplaces in Durham, NC, from installation and repair to routine inspections, and these services also include expert restoration work.

If you are looking for professional fireplace restoration in Durham, NC or the surrounding areas, simply call on Bud Matthews Services.

Signs That You May Need Fireplace Restoration in Durham

Restoring a fireplace is an extensive job that is much more than doing a few quick repairs. It often involves masonry work and fireplace resurfacing. Here are some of the signs that you should watch for that indicate you should call for professional restoration:

  • Cracks along the masonry: When the masonry of your fireplace or firebox starts to show signs of cracking, it’s not just a minor eyesore. A crack is a spot where heat can escape and possibly reach combustible building material and ignite it. Cracks often occur because water moisture seeps into the masonry, then freezes in winter and expands. Specialists will need to repair the cracking with resurfacing and masonry work.
  • A chimney fire: Chimney fires are what happens when there is combustion inside the chimney. Combustion should only occur in the firebox, and when it happens elsewhere, it’s a serious problem. After a chimney fire, the fireplace will probably need restoration work. Make sure that you first schedule an inspection to see what sort of restoration job is necessary.
  • Leaning chimney: If you think that the chimney of your home is starting to lean, don’t shrug it off as an optical illusion. The fireplace’s foundation may be decaying, and this can end up doing enormous structural damage to your house. Call for an inspection immediately so that restorers can get to work fixing the problem.

Fireplace Resurfacing and Firebox Rebuilding

One of the basic jobs of a fireplace restoration expert is masonry resurfacing to seal up cracks. This is a job that only skilled heating professionals can handle, so make sure that you avoid amateurs and call on experienced technicians. Another crucial part of many restoration jobs is rebuilding the firebox. The firebox is that place where fuel is combusted, and it is susceptible to damage due to moisture, corrosion, and inadequate ventilation. We can repair and rebuild fireboxes with the best materials so that the fireplace will work as if it were new.

Rely on Us for All Your Fireplace Restoration Needs

Restoring a fireplace can be done to beautify it as well. But if you are looking for restoration because of damage or problems due to an aging chimney, you cannot delay the job. Call on professionals right away. Bud Matthews Services has the chimney technicians necessary to see that your fireplace is brought back to a safe condition. We offer many different fireplace services in Durham, NC, so call us today to arrange for whatever job you need.