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Fireplace Cleaning in Durham, NC by Bud Matthews Services

Bud Matthews Services - Fireplace Cleaning

A service that the fireplace in your home needs to have on a regular basis is cleaning. If you have a wood-burning fireplace as your home heating system, you’re probably familiar with the more routine type of cleaning job, which is sweeping up and removing ashes. This is an important job, but it isn’t the sort of fireplace cleaning that we’re talking about here. A professional cleaning will remove build-up that can lead to a potentially hazardous fireplace.

You should schedule fireplace cleaning in Durham every few years if you use the fireplace occasionally, such as only during winter. If your fireplace receives more extensive use, you might want to arrange for annual professional cleaning. Bud Matthews Services has the fireplace cleaners who can handle the job, no matter when you need it. Call us to arrange for fireplace cleaning in Durham, NC, or if you have questions about how often you should schedule it. We aim to see that you have a safe and beautiful fireplace in your home.

The professionals at Bud Matthews Services offer fireplace cleaning services in Durham, NC and the surrounding areas.

Why a Clean Fireplace Is Important

On the most basic level, a clean fireplace is a more attractive one. A hearth that is choked with ashes and the tarry residue left over from fire after fire can turn into an eyesore—which is the exact opposite effect you want from a fireplace in your home. A dirty fireplace can also lead to unpleasant smells entering your home. Regular cleaning will ensure that yours is the beautiful center of the room that you want it to be.

But more important than the aesthetics of the fireplace is its safety. The tarry black substance we mentioned above is called creosote, and it is one the major causes of chimney fires and other dangers. Creosote is unburned wood energy, and aside from looking unpleasant it’s highly combustible. Professional fireplace cleaning will thoroughly remove creosote so that it doesn’t create a danger each time you kindle a fire in it. There are other parts of a fireplace that require cleaning as well, such as the firebox (the location in the fireplace where fuel is combusted) and the flue. All of these can become dirty and less effective over time.

What a Fireplace Cleaner Can Do for You

If you type fireplace cleaning into an Internet search engine, you’ll get a selection of professional fireplace services as well as do–it–yourself guides. The latter may tell you how to sweep out ashes, but anything more complicated is not a job you should attempt on your own. A professional fireplace cleaner will take care of the task of getting rid of creosote wherever it may be found, cleaning the damper and making sure the fireplace ventilates properly, and seeing that the firebox is clean for proper fuel burning.

Let Us Take Care of Your Routine Fireplace Cleaning in Durham

We want you to enjoy your fireplace whenever you want and receive the most use out of it. We also want you to be able to enjoy it in safety. If your fireplace hasn’t received a routine cleaning in a long time—more than a few years—take this opportunity to call Bud Matthews Services and schedule it. Our fireplace experts serve Durham, NC and the surrounding areas with top quality service, and we’re glad to see that you have the cleanest fireplace possible.