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Painting Services in Durham, NC by Bud Matthews Services

Bud Matthews Services - Painting

If you are tired of the chipping and peeling of paint inside and/or outside of your home we have the perfect solution: call our painting experts for professional painting services. Painting is often portrayed as a great DIY kind of project, but oftentimes it isn’t for many different reasons. Plus, do you really want to spend your precious weekend time working? Let our experts handle the job. We have the best tools, a great range of colors from which to choose, and we’ll be able to work while you are at work. There’s no reason to sacrifice your family or recreation time to paint your home when the professionals from Bud Matthews Services can do it for you!

Is it time to freshen up your home with new paint? Then call Bud Matthews Services today!

Why Use a Professional?

If there’s a house task that is always slated as being great for DIY, it’s painting. However, good painting isn’t about slapping an old color on top of a new one as quickly as possible and moving on – that’s just a bad paint job. Painting is work, and good painting is hard work. But this is just one of the reasons why you should give our experts a call:

  • We are bonded and insured – if you fall off your ladder and hurt your back, are you covered? Our guys don’t usually do this, but should something happen, we are fully bonded and insured.
  • You hate the color – sometimes we have off days, and if you picked your paint color on an off day, you may end up with an off color in–or outside your house that you hate. When you work with us, we guarantee your satisfaction, so we can make the adjustment quickly to a new color. You may not be able to do the same.
  • We save you time – hiring our pros to paint your home saves you time in two ways: first, you don’t have to sacrifice your time to get the job done and second, we do this work every day, so we are fast and efficient. We’ll complete the job in a timely manner.

Choosing a Paint Color: Take a Look Around

Your house is your castle, and choosing the right color or colors to make it stand out can be a challenge. Our experts are great at helping you choose a color or a color palette that accentuates the unique characteristics of your home while also allowing it to be a part of your neighborhood. There are two important rules we always apply when helping our customers choose colors that ensure your home stands out in the right way. The first rule is take a look at the other homes on your street. We aren’t advocating that you paint your home the exact color of your neighbor’s house, but if you are in a neighborhood of older homes and go for a shocking orange, you may not have the experience you want.

The second rule we adhere to is keeping in mind the style of your home. Certain home styles are naturally ornate while others are more subdued. Our pros will work with the natural style of your home to make sure that the paint choices accentuate the characteristics of your home rather than alienate them.