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Masonry and Concrete Services in Durham, NC by Bud Matthews Services

Bud Matthews Services - Masonry and Concrete

You probably don’t think a lot about the masonry and hardscapes around your home, but they are everywhere: walkways, your driveway, your retaining wall, even your home’s foundation. When masonry and concrete age or become damaged, you can’t just slap another layer of mix right on top of it and call it a day. Many times, the problem is found much deeper, which is why you want masonry and concrete experts, like the ones at Bud Matthews Services, to help you with all of your masonry and concrete needs.

Our pros have years of experience with everything from pool decks to foundation work. We can help design and build a brand-new driveway or repair that crumbling retaining wall that isn’t retaining much of anything anymore. Let us help you with all of your hardscape needs!

Need help with masonry or concrete? Then it’s time to call the experts at Bud Matthews Services!

Common Driveway Repairs

You use it every day, probably several times a day: your driveway. And while it was made to be durable, it was never made to last forever. No matter your driveway issues, our experts can help. These are the kinds of common driveway repairs we work on frequently:


Small cracks – small cracks can quickly become big cracks thanks to precipitation getting inside the crack and moving the soil beneath it, weakening the spot even more. Allowing our pros to repair your small cracks can head off bigger problems down the road.

Spidering/large cracks – if your asphalt has progressed to the point where it has cracks that are 2" wide or larger, it is probably time for a full replacement.


Concrete cracks that aren’t right on a joint are likely a much deeper issue, requiring a section to be removed and replaced. Our pros will assess the level of damage to your concrete driveway and determine exactly what is needed to fix the problem in order to restore your driveway.

Why Build a Retaining Wall?

They may look very pretty, but retaining walls actually serve some very important purposes:

  • Provide the support needed for keeping soil in place – when you lose soil, you run the risk of losing trees on your property and having poor drainage. A retaining wall helps keep the soil in place so that your flora and fauna can take root and protect.
  • Prevents sink holes – sink holes develop because of ground erosion. A well–built retaining wall prevents the soil from eroding away, so it also helps prevent the development of sink holes on your property.
  • Prevents flooding – your retaining wall won’t stop a tidal wave but it will help block water from excessive rain from going all over your yard.
  • Reduces yard maintenance – there isn’t a homeowner around who would be upset at the prospect of less mowing! Not only does a retaining wall add dimension and design to your yard, it also helps reduce the amount of yard maintenance you have to do.

The pros at Bud Matthews Services can handle all of your masonry and concrete needs. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!