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Wine Cooler Services in Durham, NC by Bud Matthews Services

Bud Matthews Services - Wine Cooler

There’s nothing like relaxing at the end of a busy week with a nice glass of wine. You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to own and enjoy a wine cooler, and in fact, if you like to hang on to your wine, you’ll likely want to consider installing and using one. Wine is very sensitive, and in order to keep your wine drinkable, specific environmental requirements are needed. A cooler installed and serviced by the experts at Bud Matthews Services ensures that your wine will have the proper storage and that it will keep for as long as you need it kept. Wine is meant to be enjoyed and our pros can help you with this endeavor by making sure yours works as needed.

Do you need experts for help with your wine cooler? Then call the appliance pros at Bud Matthews Services today!

Types of Wine Coolers

When deciding to add a wine cooler to your home, there are three main types that we regularly work with:

  • Counter–top coolers
  • Built–in coolers
  • Free–standing coolers

Counter–top systems are perfect for storing anywhere from 4–24 bottles of wine when your floor space is limited. You’ll want to measure before purchasing to ensure that your wine cooler doesn’t take up every square inch of your available counter space. You’ll also need to leave space behind the cooler so it can properly ventilate.

Built–in coolers are going to be the most expensive type of cooler you can purchase. There are two reasons for this: first, they need to fit perfectly into the space you’ve left open, and second, they need to be designed so that they don’t need ventilation around them. Built–in coolers are typically custom coolers because of these facts, so be aware that purchasing a stand–alone cooler and trying to place it as a built–in likely won’t work.

Free–standing coolers tend to be the most popular of the group. Their pricing can be quite affordable, and the ability to place them wherever you want makes them more versatile than the other two cooler options. However, you want to make sure you do have the floor space to accommodate your free–standing wine cooler.

What’s That Noise?

Wine coolers, like refrigerators and freezers, are made to operate very quietly. As such, any kind of loud noise should be an indication that a problem has developed with your cooler and that it’s time to call our experts for repair. What kind of noises are we talking about? First, any kind of banging or bumping is a definite sign of a problem. Typically in situations where a noise like this has developed, something has come loose and is banging around the back of your wine cooler. This is something you’ll want taken care of right away. Another sound that should raise concern is buzzing. Your system shouldn’t be buzzing, and if it is, there’s likely some kind of electrical problem going on. Again, you’ll want to call an expert to diagnose and repair the problem. Our experts can help with all of your wine cooler repair needs – just give us a call!