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Range Services in Durham, NC by Bud Matthews Services

Bud Matthews Services - Range

Stovetop ranges come in two basic styles – electric and gas-fueled – and while new technology has added all kinds of bells and whistles over the years, the basics are still the same. A range top needs to be able to heat up your food safely and effectively, and when problems come along, they can readily impact your whole life. The trouble may be small, such as an inability to reach a certain level of heat. Or it may be large, such as a gas leak or similar issue that presents a direct danger to your household. Whatever it is, it’s not something that you should handle alone.

Instead, call upon Bud Matthews Services, for all manner of range services. If you need a problem fixed, or your range is simply old and needs to be replaced, our top-notch technicians can be there quickly and perform the operation with confidence and care. Pick up the phone to make an appointment, and let us take care of the rest!

Call Bud Matthews Services today for range service in Durham, NC.

When to Repair Your Existing Oven and When to Install a New Oven

Ranges usually come as part of a larger oven, and with homes as old as they are in the area they can last for a long time. In many cases, they can continue to last for a long time, since it’s only one component causing the damage. In other cases, though, you’ll need to install a new unit, either because the old range is too worn out to make repairs worthwhile or because the new range comes as part of a larger oven that offers additional features. The question becomes whether repairing the range is the way to go, or whether installing a new system is the only option. That decision ultimately lies with you, but a trained technician can offer you good advice.

Problems with Your Range

Gas–fed ranges tend to have one of two problems: a problem with the fuel line or a problem with the ignition. Both are tricky to deal with because gas can be dangerous, and if one or the other isn’t working then you should shut off gas so the whole range–top and call in a repair service. Electric range tops are more complicated, and may have a number of different issues causing the problem. You can usually spot them when the system fails to activate the range top, or when the range doesn’t get as hot as it needs to be. When that happens, call upon the experts at Bud Matthews Services to make it right!

Call Bud Matthews Services Today for Range Services

If you need a range top repaired then Bud Matthews Services is the name to call. If you need a range top replaced along with the rest of the oven, then we have you covered too. Either way, you can rely on top–notch technicians with the skills and experience to handle any issue, and the speed to move before the issue can leak gas into your home. We can be there in a flash and we make sure our repairs are made successfully and made to last. Contact us today with your issue, and we’ll make sure it gets dealt with the right way!