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Commercial Refrigeration in Durham, NC

Bud Matthews Services - Commercial Refrigeration

Residential commercial equipment, like a home refrigerator or freezer, is complicated and requires the work of trained technicians in order to repair and maintain it. But commercial refrigeration equipment is at an entirely different level of complexity. Working on walk-in coolers and freezers, or ice machines and reach-in beverage coolers, takes special skills and equipment. Any business that relies on commercial refrigeration—such as a bar, restaurant, convenience store, commercial cafeteria, etc.—must leave any refrigeration equipment services to the professionals.

At Bud Matthews Services, we take pride in the large number of services we provide for both homes and businesses in Durham, NC and the surrounding areas. If you own or operate a business that relies on commercial refrigeration, make us your first choice for service. We offer repair service around the clock, and we can also handle installing new refrigeration equipment and taking care of routine maintenance.

Contact Us for Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Think about how important the freezers, coolers, and other pieces of refrigeration equipment in your business are for day–to–day operations. Can you afford to have any of these appliances start to lose their ability to keep food, beverages, and other items cooled down? The likely answer is "no." At the first sign that something is wrong with the equipment, pick up the phone and call our commercial refrigeration specialists.

Aside from noticing that a cooler or freezer isn’t keeping the object stored in it properly chilled, there are a number of other signs to watch for that will warn you it’s time for repairs. A "sweating" fridge that’s developing moisture droplets along the outside could have loose door seals or gaskets. Ice appearing along the refrigerant coils often means a loss of vital refrigerant. And the compressor starting to short–cycle (i.e. turning on and off rapidly) could point toward many types of malfunctions. Don’t try to guess what’s wrong: the repair technicians will find out quickly and have the problem corrected.

Other Commercial Refrigeration Services

Along with seeing that commercial freezers, coolers, ice machines, and other appliances keep doing their jobs each day, we also install and replace equipment. You want to make sure that you only work with licensed professionals when it comes to selecting new refrigerators and coolers for your business. Professionals will see that the equipment works the way it should, vents correctly, and doesn’t risk creating any health violations for your establishment. We install a large variety of commercial refrigerators and freezers. Give our team in Durham a call and we’ll go through the options for your business when it comes to refrigeration.

Contact Us in Durham for Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs

We understand how important your business is to you, and we make it our business to see that you receive fast and accurate service. We have more than 30 years of experience looking after both residential and commercial needs in Durham, NC, including repairs and other work for commercial refrigeration. It’s our goal to create a trusting relationship with you as one of our customers so that you’ll always look to us to care for your commercial cooling needs, from repairs to new installations. Bud Matthews Services is here to see that your business receives only the best, each and every time.