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Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Durham, NC by Bud Matthews Services

Bud Matthews Services - Commercial Air Conditioning (HVAC)

At Bud Matthews Services, we’re proud of the quality service that we provide to homeowners in the Durham, NC area to help them keep their homes properly air conditioned during hot weather. But we do more than work with residential air conditioning. Our experienced staff provides a complete range of AC services for commercial buildings as well.

It doesn’t matter the type or size of job you need done: Bud Matthews Services has the commercial HVAC professionals who can take care of it. If you need new rooftop package units installed, speedy repairs for a malfunctioning AC that’s making your workplace uncomfortably warm, or just an annual maintenance tune-up, you only need to contact us to schedule the work.

If you wish to schedule commercial air conditioning services in Durham, NC or the surrounding areas, contact Bud Matthews Services today.

We Offer Installation and Replacement for Commercial Air Conditioners

Every business is different, and each one has specific cooling needs. This is one of the reasons it is so important that you only reach out to experienced commercial HVAC experts when it is time to install an air conditioner for a new location, or replace an aging unit with a new one. Experts like ours will know how to put together an air conditioning system that matches your business’ needs and doesn’t put excessive strain on your resources.

The most common type of commercial air conditioner is the rooftop package unit. Unlike standard split systems (the type used in most homes) that have indoor and outdoor cabinets, rooftop package units have both the condenser and evaporator housed in the same cabinet, along with the other components. The rooftop location allows for better use of space and easy access for technicians. You can depend on our technicians for great rooftop unit installation.

Only Turn to Professionals for Commercial HVAC Repairs and Maintenance

You should never tinker around with the air conditioning system for your business if something goes haywire with it. And it isn’t much better to entrust repairing the AC to an inexperienced technician. Too much at your company rides on getting the cooling system working at full capacity again, so when you call for help, only call on commercial HVAC professionals who can ensure that the jobs gets done right and gets done as fast as possible.

To protect your company’s comfort in the future, enroll your HVAC system in a routine maintenance program. Each spring, commercial technicians will provide a thorough inspection and tune–up for the air conditioner. This will prolong its service life, prevent rises in bills due to inefficient performance, and prevent malfunctions in the first place. Talk to our commercial HVAC team to learn more about our maintenance agreement.

Let Bud Matthews Services See to All Your Commercial Cooling Needs!

We care about the Durham, NC community and always have since we started in business. We extend that caring to the businesses in the area with our commercial HVAC services. You don’t have to worry about troubles threatening the cooling in your building, or where you should go when it’s time to put in a new AC: just call Bud Matthews Services and rest easy knowing you have some of the best people in the industry on your side.